[CQ-Contest] Re: Benefits of Multi-op One Transmitter Category

John Warren nt5c at easy.com
Tue Nov 11 23:52:09 EST 1997

 |> Why are single op assisted records lower than single op?
 |> ...Maybe having a packet network is a penalty ?

Fred W6TKV replied:

 |I suspect it's because the single op not assisted is just a
 |better operator.

I'm sure Fred's comment is part of the answer. Perhaps a few of the top
guns could get organized to try S/O Assisted sometime, and see if that's
really true?

However, there's something else. DX Clusters ARE a penalty. They make one
"multiplier-sensitive", and we all know that qso rate wins contests, not
multipliers (unfortunately).

John, NT5C.

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