[CQ-Contest] Benefits of Multi-operator ONE Transmitter Category

Randy Thompson k5zd at ultranet.com
Mon Nov 10 23:44:31 EST 1997

I am all for adding a "real" multi-single category to the CQWW.  However, I 
don't see any reason to screw up the SOA category to do it!

The problem is pretty simple but the solution is not.

- We want a category which allows multiple ops and a single radio.

- The current method of enforcement is to use a 10-minute rule of some 

- Without the 10-min rule, people will push the band changes right to the 
limit of an octopus or lock-out arrangement.

Ah, but what about the rule that only one radio is allowed?  OK, how many 
receivers?  Or what happens if that radio breaks? And so on.

Amazingly, this stuff was all worked out in some manner as part of the 
WRTC.  The best part was that as long as the rules are CLEARLY SPELLED OUT 
including the special cases, then it will work.  Of course it would help if 
the WRTC concept of on-site judges could also be included in the 

It really comes down to making a clear definition, and then expecting 
people to not bend the rules... oh well.

Randy, K5ZD
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