[CQ-Contest] Rules (Was Benefits of multi-one)

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Thu Nov 13 08:21:31 EST 1997

> I think the WRTC concept was the right idea.  Allow only one radio that can 
> transmit.  Allow a second receiver.  If the first radio breaks, then you 
> can use the second to transmit.

I think so too for an onsight competition.  How would you police only one 
TXing during the contest?  Rules should be written so that they can at 
least in theory be enforced.  Writing a rule that can never be enforced 
is not a good idea.  

The new QSY rule for multi's in the ARRL DX contest is an excellent 
example of a rule that can be enforced.  It eliminates the rubber 
clocking issue and still accomplishes the goal of limiting transmitters.  
((The new rule allows 6 band changes per hour I believe))


Bill, W4AN

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