[CQ-Contest] Re: 2 rig class

Lee rfi at vol.com
Thu Nov 13 11:47:08 EST 1997

In this day of Political Correctness and the leveled playing field, I
don't see why I should have to compete with monstrous contest stations
with two rigs, digital voice keyers, beam antennas, experienced
operators, etc.  Instead, as my own contribution to affirmative action,
I feel that I should compete in a special category....It would be
called:  OF-BE-OR-WA-SO-LP-AB-FC

Or, to spell it out: Old Fart, Bad Eyesight, One Rig, Wire Antenna,
Single Op, Low Power, All Band, Fat Chance.

Then and only then would I be competitive.


Good Luck to all in the Sweeps,

Lee (NY4T)


"He who hesitates is lost....and vice versa."

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