[CQ-Contest] radio questions

henry gillow-wiles henry at rio.com
Thu Nov 13 20:57:28 EST 1997

	i finally have the money to buy a new, or new to me, radio. i am an avid
dx'r and am just getting into contesting. i have a th7 and a cc 40-2cd and
wire for 80m. the choices are very confusing, kind of like buying a new car. 
	i want to look in the $2000 range. i'm not really looking for brand or
model recommendations, but rather what questions to ask, what specs and
features to look for. i don't think i know enough to make this decision yet. 
	i'll be driving a henry 2-kd classic w/2 3-500's in it. i use a heil
headphone/mic. at the moment, i'm using an old ic-730. it was a step up
from my heathkit sb-101, but now i'm ready for the 21st century. 
	please reply directly and i'll summerize if the interest is there. 
henry gillow-wiles
henry at rio.com

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