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<< I would enjoy working Multi in either category-- I believe they would both
be fun  >>

Good Answer!      (is this Family Feud???)

M-S is fun no matter what because you have more than one guy who enjoys
contesting like you do doing it along with you, a team mate - the sense of
brotherhood with other contesters who have operated in m-s and m-m is one of
the joys of contesting I feel very fortunate to have known....and continue to

Having more hardware is fun too - and as K5NA pointed out it ain't just
having it another level of competition.....its all that will arise when you
start to manage your man power and hardware to maximize your score!  You have
passed the limitations of - my station only has a tribander....I only run 100
watts....it is much much more than that.

If you can build a team of guys who have particular intersts (i.e. guys that
love 160/guys that love to tune for new mults, etc) and you can arm them with
firepower in the form of multiple arrays...this is TEAM competing at its
finest...like running a business, and knowing who will best manage what
aspects of your company, a station owner who can package a group of guys and
arm them with the right combination of artillery takes the multi-single
category and if done right, milks it for what its worth....watching the
"machine" work right is awesome....Monday Night Football, big deal....CQ WW
Multi-Single....NOW WE'RE TALKIN!

Yup, just like "Loud is Good"...."more is better", when it comes to operators
and hardware in a multi-single....but only when both are "managed".....

Don't take away the K5NA's, they push the envelope without breaking it - just
stretching that sucker to fit as much as it can possibly hold....very cool.

ooops.....time to go - got an informal SS multi-op to attend tomorrow...its
"the phone" ya know.


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