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The competition, it's one of the leverage for the progress in all the
human fields. This world would be some thousand years late (and the
Americas still to be discovered) if people were so static and lazy to
keep and watch only to the already acquired things.

Sorry, but the comparison with phisical features of animals doesn't
fit with humans, and even less with amateur-radio contesting.

To fly, humans are using airplanes. They didn't give up because of no
wings. Who told "only birds can fly" was wrong.

To have more contacts we can use "radio" instead of opening a window
and shouting loud.

With brain, strategy and will, there is some risk to learn something,
to get satisfaction and even to win a contest.

Confortably staying on our's own, we can only arrange something boring
good only for yawning.

Mauri, I4JMY (one of IR4T)

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