[CQ-Contest] Re: [Antennas] EMI/RFI

Mike - W0TMW crucis at sky.net
Mon Nov 17 15:37:29 EST 1997

You might want to replace the speaker wires with shielded wires with a small
cap between the shield and ground.

Mike W.

Ivo Pezer, 5B4ADA/9A3A wrote:
> Two of my neighbors have interference on their stereo when I
> operate SSB (bad) and CW (moderate); looks it comes thru
> speaker leads. Ordered some ferrite cores, would appreciate
> any comments from people who solved similar problems.
> JA filter doesn't help in my case. Also bad telephone
> interference on some telephones, mostly when operate QRO
> SSB.
> Filters help, but how many I'll have to buy?>??
> Ivo, 5B4ADA
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