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 The history I read about America and his pioneers, did report an opposite
 nature of the American People, I thought it could be naturally applied to
 ham-radio contesting too.
 Sorry for bandwidth, but real contesting it's great !

Mauri...you continue to amaze me, you have found the weak 1990's spot of the
American people successfully.....

Do Not Offend Anyone

...this is taken to the extreme with the whole concept of being "politically
correct", which has created nothing but a bunch of garbage as far as life's
day to day realities...

Not all Americans are this way, unfortunately in the the age of politicaaly
correct thinking you listen to what the most people say, and say that is what
you are for....this is the way our current politicians operate, find the
political poling results and say whatever the most people want to hear....our
President would not make a very good contester!

Contesting is a battle, yes! And there is NOTHING wrong with it being a
battle....other than the fact that battles are not "Politcially Correct" -
someone might get offended or hurt.....

Sad, but I wish more of my fellow countrymen had your view - perhaps so many
Americans are so caught up in what is going on that they are not able to step
back and look at what a mess we are making - something you have the ability
to do as a viewer from afar....

Good Luck CQWW!


Jim, k4oj

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