[CQ-Contest] Tribanders

Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Mon Nov 17 23:29:11 EST 1997

Hi, Folks, I need some advice:

I am primarily interested in single band contesting, 10 or 15m, depending
on sunspots, and have been contemplating a tribander at 90 or 100', with
perhaps a 10m 5 or 6 element at 70' or so and a 15m 5 element at around 55
or 60'.  I am wondering if stacking a tribander and a monobander would
create pattern distortion due to phase shift of the signal due to
dissimilar antennas, or would the effect be as good as stacking monobanders
or tribanders exclusively?  Can anyone comment?

My other question relates to tribanders.   I have seen seen more print on
the TH7DX than on the KLM KT-34XA, and I wonder if this is due to
operational experience, cost, or other factors.  I am soliciting comments
on those two antennas, as well as the Force antennas, to help me decide
which tribander to go for.

I will welcome all comment, including opinions, both unbiased and biased.

Many thanks, and 73.


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