[CQ-Contest] Guest Operators

Craig Gullickson cgullick at kilby.ee.calpoly.edu
Tue Nov 18 11:01:55 EST 1997

>     The point of this post is that there are a lot of big
> stations sitting out there unused during some contests. There
> also are a lot of very enthusiastic young contesters out there
> that always turn in 200-600 Q efforts with their A3's and wires.
> I think it's great to see K1TTT, W3LPL, K4OJ and VY1JA putting
> open invitations on the reflector to come on over. Remember,
> the average 22 year old college kid contester isn't going to
> approach the Big Gun and ask to operate. To encourage growth in
> our "sport" maybe more of us should be putting posts on this
> reflector looking for operators. When you let a younger contester
> run 150/hr in SS for the first time it just might be addicting!!
> 73 BILL WB0O in North Dakota

I can't agree with Bill more.  The positive effects of lending a big
station to a kid can be very worth while.  Just take a look at the SS
top ten list and I can guarantee that each one of those guys have done
it since they were kids, many as guest ops at bigger stations near
their qth.  That is how big guns are grown, right from a young and
eager kid looking up to a "legend" and taking their guidance.
Personally, it was very satisfying to hear some VERY YOUNG voices
calling in during SS.  I didn't mind taking an extra 3 seconds to work
them and give a little encouragement.  Heck, it was FUN!  These are
the kids that are going to kick my butt when I am older.

I take this issue personally, as I was one of those kids who was
invited in to do contests at many different locations and gained a ton
of experience as a result.  To this day, I am still a "hired gun" and
find it a joy to get the invite to participate from the superstations
as well as the "medium guns".  I wish there was more of this
opportunity around for the young guys.  There is definately a bunch of
them out there.  If you have a station, think about inviting a kid
over and give them a chance.  It could be your best contesting
experience ever!

Thanks for reading, de Craig N6ED

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