[CQ-Contest] When somebody busts your call?

Nate Bargmann ka0rny at midusa.net
Wed Nov 19 00:56:18 EST 1997

Hi All.

Over the SS weekend (which was a total gas!) I managed to work one of 
the semi-rare multipliers early on.  After finally getting through, 
the exchange was performed and I realized after it was too late the 
other op had gotten one of the letters of my call wrong!  Since I was 
kind of stunned, I didn't try to re-call the op and correct the 
mistake figuring I probably wouldn't get through the pileup again.  I 
mulled this over as the contest went on and then found the same 
station during a slack period of the 'test.  This time the op 
acknowledged my callsign correctly indicating that indeed I was 
listed wrong in the log.

I suppose the approach I took to handle this was wrong as I now have 
the advantage of about 2 1/2 days perspective!  What I did was to try 
to explain to the op that we had worked before and gave the 
information sent me and I gave the op the information I sent when we 
worked the night before.  Instead, the op asked for my report 
repeatedly.  Tired and flustered I let the whole thing go.  My 
solution was to work the section again, the QSO of which I believe 
would stand up to scrutiny.

So what should I have done?  At the time my thought was that I 
shouldn't log the op again as it would be a dupe for me (perhaps this 
is the thing to do), but my thought was that it would give the other 
op one more QSO which I didn't think was quite right.  I thought I 
should try to correct the original mistake, but obviously that didn't 
work either.  Since the op was working a good rate, I didn't think it 
was fair to slow the rate or ask other stations to wait while I tried 
to ensure myself a possible sweep.  As it is, that station has a 
unique, yet it can conceivably be cross-checked back to my log.

So, I guess it depends on whether the log checkers throw out just 
the other op's unique or both of our Qs or any at all that this will 
make a difference.  What do the rest of you do in a similar 


73, de Nate >>

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