[CQ-Contest] Re: Categories or "hiding-places" ?

Ralph Bowen rbowen at iglobal.net
Wed Nov 19 02:56:45 EST 1997

K4OJ at aol.com wrote:
> It seems that lately we are so busy trying not to offend anyone, and so busy
> trying not to "hurt" our kids by giving them bad grades that the standards of
> excellence that competition brings out are on the way out....everybody seems
> quite content with our being a nation of average people....and that is a BIG
> problem!

Whenever I get a bit down, I pull out my "Patton" Soundtrack & listen to
the Patton opening speech.   I always break out with joy everytime I
hear the words (paraphrased):  Americans loves a winner  ..  and will
not tolerate a loser!!    Nowadays it seems more like:  Americans love a
whiner and tolerates all the losers!!

Too bad.

73,  Gator  N5RZ

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