[CQ-Contest] Re: Categories or "hiding-places" ?

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Wed Nov 19 09:04:01 EST 1997

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<< As N6TJ is reported to have said, "There is single-op, there is
 unlilmited, and EVERYTHING in between is BS."
 Let's eliminate them all !  (That IS what you guys are saying, right?)

Nope....I am not quite as constrained in my thinking as that real tall
guy is....although I understand where he is coming from!

If over time you repeatedly create a new category every time you find
one group of hams has one "advantage" over another and try to "level
the playing field" that way, you will end up with a barren parking
lot....NOT beautiful sunny beaches, not breath taking Autumns, not
Grand Canyons....just, blah more of the same parking lot.

If you feel your performance is in need of more attention because you
achieved something incredible with modest means you have won!

Beat yourself every time you operate, you are either an easy opponent
or you are a real SOB to beat......when you beat the SOB, you know
what the writeups will never know as to how well you did what you did,
and those who chose to enter the battle alongside you will admire you
for your successes...competitors respect their fellow contesters, and
always try and find out more about how they did what they did - so
they - without saying so, administer the ultimate compliment to you!

Sure hope you get well soon Tom, you have been spending too much time
fighting for new categories....we need you back doing more antenna
work, to help keep the rest of us on our toes on selective weekends!

More is NOT Better, IMHO (<<<------- e-mail lingo, something I might
never have aquired had it not been for K1EA and that CT thing he
developed - bought my first computer at the Hamvention, along with a
copy of CT....and contesting ain't been the same contest since! )

Compete honestly and well, and know you will be acknowledged by those
who have done the same....don't invent a category so you can have your
callsign in a "box" because you think that that is the means to an

Enough....no mas


See everyone at the Tampa Convention this Saturday!

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