[CQ-Contest] When somebody busts your call?

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Wed Nov 19 18:22:11 EST 1997

wx0b wrote: 
> It happened to me a few times and I always tried to correct my call
> with the other station.  Most got it right off but one or two were so
> intent on running that they missed the point.  In my opinion, and what
> I think the ARRL will/should do is give the correct Q to me and delete
> it from the others guy log since he busted the call.
> Jay,WX0B, V26J

Hi Jay.  I have the same problem here with people getting my call wrong. 
 When operating CW contests, I am constantly having people work me as 
W7WSY instead of W7WHY.  Most of the time I try to correct it, but lots 
of time it doesn't get done.  I'm with you, I should get credit for the 
contact, but the other stations shouldn't.

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