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Wed Nov 19 12:58:28 EST 1997

Thus spoke Tom Osborne:
> Hi Jay.  I have the same problem here with people getting my call wrong. 
>  When operating CW contests, I am constantly having people work me as 
> W7WSY instead of W7WHY.  Most of the time I try to correct it, but lots 
> of time it doesn't get done.  I'm with you, I should get credit for the 
> contact, but the other stations shouldn't.
> Tom W7WHY

    The University of Texas Amateur Radio Club recently got a new callsign
for our club station.  The old call, W5EHM, had the exact problem to which 
you are referring.  It kept getting copied as "W5ESM".  Something about all 
those dits right in a row...  The new call N5XU is a lot better in that regard.

    We still had a lot of requests to confirm our 21 check this past 
phone Sweepstakes, though.  I wonder how many people "heard" something 
more "reasonable" and didn't ask for repeats...  hm...

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