[CQ-Contest] Getting off to a fast start

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Wed Nov 19 21:59:57 EST 1997

Lee Buller wrote:
> I wonder how many of those hot shots start at number 27 or so....  I 
>knew a guy who never started at 1, but started about 30 up.  I always 
>thought that was less than admirable.
> Lee

Hi Lee.  It's less than admirable, but legal I guess.  The rules don't 
say anything about starting with nr. 1.  I used to have fun years ago 
when I would start on Sunday afternoon and find guys who were in my class 
and district and send a number about 50 higher than theirs.  That was 
before I had class :->  I'm glad I don't do things like that any more!!!

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