[CQ-Contest] Re: new categories...neverending debate

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Thu Nov 20 18:42:10 EST 1997

Richard L. King wrote:
> True, and I still don't think I can win M/M. Even if I use more than one
> radio.

Hi  Richard.  Yes you can!  I won M/M for the 7th call area in the 94 WPX 
SSB test.  There are some contests that don't have very many M/M entries. 
 I looked through CQ magazine at the results for the 3 years prior to 94, 
and don't think anyone entered M/M from 7th call area. There were severan 
M/S entries. A couple of buddies and I set up 2 stations and did a big 
(for us) effort, and won.  Did almost 1000 q's.  Not bad for a bunch of 
OF's.  So pick your contest and check the previous years scores, and you 
might be surprised.

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