[CQ-Contest] Question: ONE TRANSMITTER category

Jay O'Brien w6go at quiknet.com
Thu Nov 20 11:28:31 EST 1997

For those proposing new rules ("new laws written to fix a problem
usually create more problems than they fix"):

What IS a ONE TRANSMITTER station?  Does it include the Amplifier? 

Does that mean you have to use a bandswitching transmitter if you
operate multi-bands?  What if you have a separate transmitter for each
band?  Is that still ONE transmitter?  What if each of these
transmitters, used on a single band, happen to be bandswitching

Do you have to have a bandswitching amplifier (ONE AMPLIFIER) or are
separate amplifiers ok for each band?

If you are required to obtain a bandswitching transmitter in order to
enter a multi-band contest, shouldn't those who really are in keeping
with the category also have a single multi-band antenna?

The proposed definition of "one transmitter" sounds very simple.  It

73, Jay
    w6go at quiknet.com

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