[CQ-Contest] Category or 'hiding place'

Jerry Treas ah672 at detroit.freenet.org
Thu Nov 20 19:09:27 EST 1997


The Special Olympics Organizing Committee has decided to disband and let 
the Special Olympics Athletes compete in the Olympics. "After reading 
statements by Gator N5RZ and Jim K4OJ we were so moved that we decided 
our athletes would be able to compete with regular Olympic athletes 
after we played General George Patton's speech. Also after consultation 
with the OOC, they have decided to replace the traditional Olympic theme 
with the theme from the soundtrack of the movie Patton. That ought to 
really inspire our athletes to superhuman effort", said one of the 
Special Olympics organizers.

As a founding member of CRAP, Categories Really Are Passe, I think we 
should eliminate all categories, and CRAP has already petitioned CQ, 
ARRL, the NCJ, and other international contest organizers to eliminate 
all categories in amateur radio contests. As the operator of a 20 year 
old 100 watt rig and a dipole, why should I want to know how well I can 
do against others in this same situation, and why should I want to have 
a feeling that I MIGHT have a chance of winning. I should just be glad 
to be 'cannon fodder' for the gloriously patriotic BIG stations. Or 
maybe I should take my daughters out of college so I can afford a BIG 
contest station. There would be only ONE winner, and everybody should 
feel honored to have given this op a QSO. No more whining. No more 
excuses. No more hiding places.


Prof. Spoofnik

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