[CQ-Contest] When somebody busts your call?

Nate Bargmann ka0rny at midusa.net
Fri Nov 21 04:43:40 EST 1997

Hi Everyone.

What an interesting thread!  Orderly and lots of good discussion.  
While most of the replies went to the list, I did receive some 
privately.  To those that wrote to either address, thanks for the 

It seems most of the responses fell into two cataegories, work the 
station again as a dupe or not log the QSO at all.  My thought is to 
leave the contact in question stand in my log, after all I did log 
his information correctly.  I used proper phonetics during my end of 
the exchange so I need not penalize myself for his error of not 
verifying my call or exchange.  Working the same station later 
results in a dupe for me and a zero-point QSO, but it could ensure 
that a valid contact is made each way (with my luck it'll get busted 
again!).  Keeping both QSOs in the log may give the log checkers an 
easier time finding the other op's unique and be an accurate 
representation of the events that took place.  That is why we log 
isn't it?  Not logging the QSO would seem to leave the log checkers 
with a tougher time finding the unique.

This discusion centered on what to do when we know the other 
op has busted our call or exchange.  Yes I have dumped Qs in the 
past because they were never completed.  Clearly, this is one of 
those moral dilemma judgement calls we humans are stuck with making 
from time-to-time.  However, I'm sure there are many times when the 
other op busts the call/exchange without our knowing in the process 
of transcribing the contact.  That is a whole other story, of course.

Thanks again for everyone's input.

73, de Nate >>

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