[CQ-Contest] New country files for CT/NA/TR 21 November 1997

Jim Reisert AD1C jjreisert at alum.mit.edu
Fri Nov 21 12:59:26 EST 1997

Updated country files are now available for download.  Release notes are at
the end of this message.

The files can be found at:

CT/TR:		W4:	http://www.contesting.com/ct/files/
		VE7:	ftp://ve7tcp.ampr.org/software/ct/cty.zip
		W6:	ftp://jzap.com/pub/ct-files/cty.zip

		E-mail to ct-user-REQUEST at contesting.com, i.e.

		GET cqww.cty
		GET cty.dat

		DX BBS:  901-641-0230 (download cty-705.zip)
		CT BBS:  603-878-1900 (try after Saturday 11/22)

NA:		W4:	http://www.contesting.com/datom/
		VE7:	ftp://ve7tcp.ampr.org/software/na/nacty.zip
		W6:	ftp://jzap.com/pub/na-files/nacty.zip

		E-mail to na-user-REQUEST at contesting.com, i.e.

		GET country.dat

		Don't forget to run NAU after copying in the new country file.

Release notes:

21 November 1997 (CTY-705)

        o Added 4U/TF1MM as callsign for Georgia, 4L.
        o Added BP as prefix for Taiwan, BV.
        o Added TX8KAB as callsign for New Caledonia, FK.
        o Added JR0BQD/JD1 as callsign for Ogasawara, JD/o.
        o Added zone overrides (CQ Zone 4) for the following USA stations:
          N7NG, NE9Z, NE9Z/7, WS7W, W7CA, W7ZQ and W7SE (all Wyoming);
          W7LR, KE7X, N7FLT, K7ABV and K0PP (all Montana).
        o Fixed spelling of Macau, XX.

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73 - Jim AD1C

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