[CQ-Contest] Pa QSO Party

DougHDH at aol.com DougHDH at aol.com
Fri Nov 21 18:23:38 EST 1997

The last of the logs are still dribbling in but we now have all of the
received raw/preliminary scores posted on the web site.
Now the checking process begins!!

If you made 100 QSOs you qualify for a special edition Pa QSO Party Coffee
Mug.  Cost is $8.75 - send me an e-mail if interested as we are ordering

Big turnout this year - CW only was a big draw - in all, 15 qualified for
Worked All 67 in the Party plaques.
Maybe a big upset in the club department!!  Time will tell.

73,  See you all in CQWW CW.  Doug W3HDH  (dougHDH at AOL.COM)

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