[CQ-Contest] WTB Rotor

Monte Stark ku7y at sage.dri.edu
Fri Nov 21 17:51:23 EST 1997

Hi All,

Just lost a rotor. Didn't I just see someone selling a large Create
RC5A-3 here?

I was about a week to early on the delete key!

Also, anyone have any good ideas for a rotor that will fit into 25G and
handle a C4SXL/H?

73,  Ron, KU7Y

NRA Life------Ex W6JXO, DL4RF, N7CRV------SOWP #5545-M
QRP QRCI #8829----NorCal #330----QRP-L #17-----ARS #49
AR QRP #150--------DM09cg---------New Washoe City,  NV

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