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Kenneth Earl Harker kharker at cs.utexas.edu
Sun Nov 23 16:36:16 EST 1997

     This past phone Sweepstakes, the U.T. club started out using a borrowed
headset microphone that early on in the contest we set aside because we
had some problems with it (that's what we get for trying to hack together 
interface cables at the last minute, I guess.)  We did OK with the desk mic,
but I would like to get a permanent headset mic setup that we know will work
for us in future operations.  While it would be available for all purpose use,
it's primary raison d'etre would be contesting.

     I'm aware that Heil headset microphones are generally the best, but new
ones are out of our price range, I'm afraid.  

     I've put on a pair of the Radio Shack boom mic headphones on in the store
and thought they felt kind of heavy and uncomfortable.  I keep seeing this ad 
in the back of QSTs and CQs for a $44.95 boom mic headset kit from Warren 
Gregoire & Associates.  Anyone tried this out?  I know it's not likely to be 
as nice as Heil, but it would have the advantage of being cheap and easily 
replaceable should it "disappear" from the club station (not likely, but 
one does have to keep these things in mind - we keep all the "big ticket" items
on security cables, but that's not easily accomplished with headphones.)

      Does anyone know if this boom mic headset is worth the $45?
      Anything in particular we should be aware of before we order one?

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>From patd at wolfenet.com" <patd at wolfenet.com  Sun Nov 23 22:46:53 1997
From: patd at wolfenet.com" <patd at wolfenet.com (Patrick Dayshaw)
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 14:46:53 -0800
Subject: [CQ-Contest] claiming credit for a KNOWN busted call?????
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Doug, KR2Q stated what many of us who choose to remain 
silent most of the time, rather than get flamed, feel.

Doug chose to call it "Implied Rule(s)", others in many 
past threads have referred to the same concept as 
"operating within the SPIRIT of the law". One could 
believe, based on recent threads, that winning is ALL that 
matters, get there any way you can, and of course there 
really is only ONE winner. It's the "American way", or so 
we are being told. Any slimly plausible interpretation of 
the rules is OK as long as you win AND can make a case for 
YOUR interpretation of the rules among your fellow  Contest 
Lawyers.  All you need to be judged correct is a few of the 
contest big guns to line up on your side and you're home 
free. The sense of "courtesy" and "gentlemanly behavior" 
that was part of the now (apparently) defunct "Amateurs 
Code of Conduct" don't even deserve consideration.

Thank's Doug, for a well written explanation for those who 
may be "spirit of the law" challenged.

patd at wolfenet.com

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