[CQ-Contest] Which way do we go? (Beam Headings)

T A RUSSELL n4kg at juno.com
Mon Nov 24 06:39:00 EST 1997

Fixed Beam Heading  Preferences   de  N4KG

>From the EASTERN USA, the answer is simple: 60 degrees.  At one time I
had a 2 element Delta Loop supported by a 20 ft boom attached at the
120 ft level on a 130 ft tower, aimed at 60 degrees.  This antenna was
a KILLER to Europe, Africa, Middle East, and Indian Ocean.  If I had
made it reversible, then I could have added the South Pacific.  A pair
of such antennas would cover the world by adding one for JA/SA.

BTW, these headings also make sense for 4 SQUARES, instead of the
conventional NE,SE,SW,NW with their nulls at N,S,E,W.  By rotating 15
degrees clockwise, the 4 square crossovers then become 15, 105, 195,
and 285 degrees.  From the Eastern USA, (almost) nobody lives at those

de  Tom  N4KG

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