[CQ-Contest] FT1000MP and RTTY (WF1B) and CT

John Devoldere ON4UN john.devoldere at innet.be
Wed Oct 1 21:34:58 EDT 1997

Hello Fellow Contesters,

I have two FT1000MP's that are set up in my contest station. Last weekend
we did the CQ WW RTTY contest (Single op assisted, two radios) using the
latest (3.1) version of WF1B, and I was planning to try it in a network.
Besides the fact that the Cluster spots do not come through on the network
(W3LPL already mentioned that)I had another problem that I would appreciate
getting help on from any of you experts.

When I use DX4WIN or DXBASE (Dos version) general logging programs, both of
these programs talk very well with the FT1000MP, and that in both
directions. Never had any problem. 

Different story with both CT and RTTY.

With CT (9.27), the communication is ONE way, that is the computer talks to
the radio (I can change bands on the radio by using CTRL-F1 and CTRL-F2),
but when you change bands on the radio, it is not reflected on the screen,
that means the radio does not talk to the computer. Also, you can see the
frequency in one of the CT windows, and it just does not work. Then, all of
a sudden,CT will say "UNNOWN FREQUENCY: 1235647353 (some very large number)
and the computer crashes. The only way we can then continue using CT is to
uninstall the communication between PC and TRX and do the changes manually.
I've gotten used to it, but it is a pain in the ... 

Strange thing is that not everyone seems to have that problem, only a few
people, I have two Ft1000MP's, both equally old (early vintage, end 1995).

Now with RTTY it is similar. First, when I start the program, sometimes the
computer will say that it cannot establish communication with the TRX.
Mostly however it DOES establish contact, but when I try to change bands
using CTRL-F1 or F2 it jumps one band on the TRX and comes back, it mostly
jumps between 7 and 21 MHz. Switching the FT1000MP on and off a few times
(sometimes 2 times, sometimes up to 7 times), cures that problem. Then, all
of a sudden communication is OK, but ONLY IN ONE WAY, just like with CT.
That means that changing bands on the TRX does not change band on the
screen or in the program. Also, when I type a frequeny, eg 21089 to move to
21089 on 15, the TRX jumps to that frequency, buit the log on the screen
remains on the old band (eg20). Very dangerous....

To make it even more complicated, half through the contest last weekend,
one (just ONE!) of the two FT1000MP's started working perfectly,
communicating both ways.... but the next day, when I tried it again, it was
all back to the old scenario...

I have the impression that we have a "marginal" condition somewhere. I am
not a specialist, but as both FT1000MP's work fine with DX4WIN and DXBASE,
it proves that the hardware is OK, GIVEN THE SOFTWARE THAT IS BEING USED. 

I wonder if it could be timing problems, where the data generated by the
FT1000MP is perfectly interpreted by DX4WIN and DXBASE, but not by CT and
RTTY? Maybe some programs are more lenient to "errors" (bad timing etc) in
timing of the code coming from the FT1000MP???

BTW, I am running CT under DOS, and RTTY under the DOS prompt in Win95, to
get the extra memory.

Anyone had any idea?

Thanks much for your help!


john, ON4UN
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