[CQ-Contest] CW WW RTTY Complaint

Jim Hollenback jholly at cup.hp.com
Wed Oct 1 15:50:58 EDT 1997

On Oct 1, 11:40am, Doug Smith wrote:
> Subject: [CQ-Contest] CW WW RTTY Complaint
> >From: kx9x at juno.com
> >Hey, everybody-
> >I got this note from an extremely disgruntled ham. Anybody else get this....
> The tone is rather abrasive & the spelling could use some help but...  to
> some degree, the complainant has a point..  as it does appear many of the
> RTTY operators were *not* listening before transmitting.  One result was a
> precipitious (sp?) decline in the number of 40m CW QSOs made in the
> Tennessee QSO Party Sunday afternoon; those trying to work CW near the
> recommended frequency of 7040 were often smothered by RTTY signals.  These
> weren't (all) QRP operators buried in the din either; several were
> well-known CW contesters with big signals.

7040 is the RTTY DX window. Europe and Asia can't work RTTY above 7055. Hence
the CQ'ing around 7040. Couple times a year we're going to be there.

> BTW, what's the calendar schedule for this RTTY test?  It didn't always
> coincide with the TQP..  and we may have to move our weekend to avoid
> collisions in the future.

Last full weekend in Sept.

73, Jim, WA6SDM

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