[CQ-Contest] Re: CW WW RTTY Complaint

Lee Hiers, AA4GA aa4ga at contesting.com
Thu Oct 2 02:53:57 EDT 1997

> Theoretically RTTY and CW share the same allocation, 7000-7100. 
> During CQWW CW, CW extends over both RTTY segments, and we go 
> elsewhere (or join them!) During CQWW SSB, the RTTY segments are 
> overrun by non-US SSB, and we don't try to QRM or chase them away.
> During the big RTTY contests, the CW ops that like 7030-7050 will 
> just have to have some tolerance. Or, as we say for any contest - 
> there's always the WARC bands...

Yep, kinda like 75m Pig Farmers during the Sprint.  All of a sudden, 
WHAM!  Then it's gone, then WHAM!   Etc.  They're being invaded!

I didn't get pissed at the all the RTTY low in the band (like I may
have done in the past with RTTY stations).  Instead, I did something
this weekend I've never done before...I made my first ever RTTY
QSO(s).  I happened to have a multi-mode TNC thingie laying around
that I'd only used on VHF packet, so I figured out how to make it go
on RTTY.  

And guess what?  The frustration I experienced trying to make those 
first RTTY Qs was whole lots more fun than the frustration I'd have 
experienced trying to CW ragchew at 7060!

I think that if I expect the general ham populace to put up with
contests on occasion, then I should be willing to occasionally put up
with activities that I don't regularly participate in.  I guess in
such a situation there are three choices:  1)Do something else (QSY
or go fishing!), 2)Fight it, or 3)Join in. 

Choices 1 and 3 make sense to me.  Number 2 just seems dumb.  It's 
the same advice I'd give non-contesters who complain about contests.

73 de Lee

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