[CQ-Contest] Re: FT1000MP and RTTY (WF1B) and CT

Bob Wruble ai7b at teleport.com
Wed Oct 1 22:30:41 EDT 1997

i had similar problem with my MP and at other times it wud change
bands by its self??  (no RFI)......finally disconnected the MP and did
manual band changes..  Also, was never able to get my 2 mp's to netwk
using wf1b...wanted to practice 2 radio ops but no dice getting the SW
to wk......

also had annoying problem with the "exchange not complete pop up
window" in that if I hit rtn key it is supposed to log the qso as is
and if you hit any other key it was supposed to rtn u to the
uncompleted qso line but for me it erased the entered qso and i had to
reenter it all over....very annoying and a real rhythm breaker.

also many times i wked a stn on on a new band that i know i had wked
b4 on a different band but the new qso wud not fill with data from the
earlier qso....not sure what this may have done to my score cuz no
time to review logs yet......

seems like the latest version of wf1b a bit buggy !!


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