[CQ-Contest] CQ contest awards

Bob Schreibmaier k3ph at dxis.monroe.pa.us
Thu Oct 2 08:43:43 EDT 1997

>     Today (October 1, 1997) I received my certificate for a 2nd place/zero
> district finish in the 1995 WPX-CW contest, which occurred almost 2 1/2
> years ago.  I've been "lurking" while the discussion about the time delays
> in the CQ awards program has been discussed; this may give people some
> idea of what to expect.

Congratulations, Alan!

As another data point, my certificate for 1st place/3rd call area
low power CW for 1995 CQ WW arrived last week.  Of course, it was
delayed by the fact that I was (once again) incorrectly listed in
the results.  So, the winning certificate was sent to a station in
Maryland by mistake.  After many phone calls and e-mails (Gail at
CQ Magazine and K3EST, respectively), they finally found a certificate
and mailed it out.

Gail stopped returning my phone calls long ago!  8^)


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