[CQ-Contest] CW WW RTTY Complaint (40M bandplan conflicts)

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Thu Oct 2 11:24:34 EDT 1997

> At any rate  you can see the potential for interference is tremendous and
> there really arent any good answers to solve it other than stateside only
> CW activities moving above 7045 and DX below 7030 on those weekends.  Note
> that there is also EU packet crammed in there between 7030 and 7040...so
> it's a real mess.
> Unfortunately, most CW operators either are ignorant of the situation or
> just dont care.  Either way, nothing is going to change until a new band
> plan is worked out at the international conference.

I realize that 40 meters is an especially gnarly issue being such a
small band and all, and I really like 40 CW, but I don't mind giving
way one weekend per year to RTTY enthusiasts.  Is a new set of rules
and regulations (aka a new band plan) really going to help?  I figure
I can always take refuge from the diddle-diddle by QSYing to 80 or 30

Personally, I'm much more concerned about encroachment of the amateur
spectrum by non-amateur operations than I am about legislating
subbands for various types of modulation by ham stations with the ham
bands.  What can we do about all these SSB guys down at the bottom of
80 meters?

--Trey, N5KO

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