[CQ-Contest] Re: 40M Bandplan Conflicts

Bob Furzer n6bfm at avana.net
Thu Oct 2 15:47:23 EDT 1997

A bandplan .. What a novel idea, I wonder if the concept will catch on?
Does anyone (individual and/or organization) actually admit responsibility
for this fiasco?

I guess that is one point in favor of lists/nets that hadn't occurred to me
before - there's no question about whose frequency it is, the mandatory
mode of operation, and protocol to be followed.

Oh well, BTN

> |Either way, nothing is going to change until a new 40M band
> |plan is worked out at the international conference.
>And Ty didn't even mention that this whole mess is superimposed on the SSB
>DX band from 7040 up! As part of any new band plan, we need coincident
>U.S.and dx SSB operating privileges - at least 25KHz. There's no ITU rule
>preventing it - The current deal was worked out by ARRL & CRRL(then), and
>rubber-stamped by the FCC.
>John, NT5C.
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