[CQ-Contest] CW WW RTTY Complaint (40M bandplan conflicts)

Kris Mraz, N5KM mraz at aud.alcatel.com
Thu Oct 2 16:06:50 EDT 1997

> Personally, I'm much more concerned about encroachment of the amateur
> spectrum by non-amateur operations than I am about legislating
> subbands for various types of modulation by ham stations with the ham
> bands.  What can we do about all these SSB guys down at the bottom of
> 80 meters?
> --Trey, N5KO

I suggested to the IARU (via ARRL) that this topic be discussed at
WRC-99. This was part of my reply to the "IARU Discussion Paper: The
International Regulations Affecting the Amateur Service".

"I believe that the international regulations must address the growing
international piracy on the amateur HF bands. Its no secret that some
nations of the world do not enforce the Radio Regulations which have the
force and effect of treaty. The HF amateur bands are useless to amateurs
in some parts of the world because of widespread encroachment by
unlicensed intruders. This will only spread worldwide unless an
enforcement provision is added to the international regulations. It does
no good to encourage emergency preparedness and technical and
operational qualification of amateurs if the HF bands are occupied by
unlicensed pirates".  

Have you noticed that some of the encroachers (on 80m, anyway) are
using some sort of encryption method? Upper or lower sideband is
unintelligible. Anyone know what encryption technique is being used?

Kris N5KM 
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