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It's that time of year again.  Time for you to get your college club
ready for the Collegiate Championship.  So far 29 clubs have
announced participation so breaking last year's record is possible.
Make sure that your college or alma mater is represented.
Championship rules and a list of announced participants are

The ARRL CAC is discussing the possibility of sponsoring the
CC as an official part of Sweepstakes.  Please send your
comments (especially support :-) to cac at arrl.org.


      Fourth Annual North American Collegiate
         Amateur Radio Club Championship

1. Object: To encourage college and university stations
in all ARRL (American Radio Relay League) and RAC
(Radio Amateurs of/du Canada) sections to participate
in the ARRL November Sweepstakes and compete against
other college and university radio clubs.

2. Contest Rules: CW portion takes place on first full
weekend of November (Nov 1-2),  phone portion takes place
on third full weekend of November (Nov 15-16).  Both start
on Saturday 2100 UTC and end on Monday 0300 UTC. All rules,
as stated in the October issue of QST,  pertain to this
collegiate competition.  Participation limited to clubs at
institutions of higher learning beyond the high school level.

3. Station Location: In an effort to encourage club station
improvements all contacts must be made from the established
club radio station located on a college campus.  No
"portable" operation from a nearby contest "super station".
A club may operate from a member's station provided that a
club station on campus does not exist.

4. Results:  Separate champions will be determined for CW,
phone and combined scores.  Official results will be based
on those published in QST so all contestants must submit a
valid log to the ARRL.  Contestants must also submit a score
summary (the contest summary sheet, NOT a complete log!) to
the collegiate contest moderator.  Provisional scores and
winners will be posted on the ham-univ and cq-contest
Internet mail reflectors by the moderator and will be
available on the Collegiate Championship home page
Send results to:

        Internet:    ka5wss at tapr.org
        Mail:        Robert Barron
                     P.O. Box 180703
                     Austin, TX 78718-0703

5. Awards:  Certificates will be available for participation.
The sponsor for 1997's awards will be W4ATC, North Carolina
State University Student ARS.  Any college club submitting an
official entry and any station working at least 10 Collegiate
Championship competitors (count schools once each mode) is
eligible.  To receive a certificate send a 9x12 SASE by 12/31/97,
with collegiate club QSO's excerpted or highlighted to:

        W4ATC Radio Club
        NCSU Box 7911
        Raleigh, NC 27695
For more info about certificates contact N3QYE: n3qye at jbj.org or
via above address.

Some rules clarifications:
1. Entries are not limited to multi-op.  Single op efforts
   may submit their score as their official school effort.
2. Entries limited by ARRL Sweepstakes rules to stations in the
   US, US possessions and Canada.
3. All club members are allowed to participate (including alumni).
4. Club station location rule waived when no club station exists.

Stations announcing participation (as of 10/3/97)
(Last year 32 clubs participated)
K0MIC    Air Force Academy                             WAC
W8UPD    University of Akron (CW & SSB)                MAC
W5YM     University of Arkansas (SSB)                  SEC
K4RY     Auburn University (SSB)                       SEC
WA5BU    Baylor University (CW & SSB)                  Big 12
VE7UBC   University of British Columbia (maybe SSB)
W6BHZ    California Poly (CW & SSB)                    Big West
W6UE     Caltech                                       SCIAC (Div III)
WO9S     University of Chicago
W3UD     University of Delaware                        Atlantic 10
W8GVU    Grand Valley State University
W9YH     University of Illinois (CW using N4OGW)       Big 10
WA0KHF   Iowa State University (SSB, maybe CW)         Big 12
W1YA     University of Maine (SSB)                     Atlantic 10
W3EAX    University of Maryland                        ACC
W8SH     Michigan State University                     Big 10
W0ZLN    University of Missouri                        Big 12
W0EEE    University of Missouri-Rolla (CW & SSB)       MIAA (Div II)
W8YY     Michigan Tech (CW & SSB)
W4ATC    North Carolina State Univ. (CW & SSB)         ACC
K3CR     Penn State                                    Big 10
K4USF    University of South Florida                   Conference USA
W6YV     University of Southern California             Pac 10
KF4BMG   Southern Tech
W5EHM    University of Texas (CW & SSB)                Big 12
W1UV     University of Vermont (SSB)
K4KDJ    Virginia Tech (CW & SSB)                      Big East
WB9JBF   University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee             MCC
W1YK     Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Announced Participation by Conference
Big 12        4
Big 10        3
ACC           2
SEC           2
Atlantic 10   2
Big East      1
Big West      1
Conf USA      1
MAC           1
MIAA          1
MCC           1
Pac 10        1
SCIAC         1
WAC           1

Please let me know if your college club plans to participate!

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