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<<   I can speak only for the Air Force and Joint operations in the
 Pacific, but I can tell you we are meticulous in our frequency
 selection.  If it isn't in the allocation book, it isn't used.  And it
 doesn't show up in the allocation book if it isn't an authorized
 frequency from our frequency management agency.

Interesting,  There were two or three "official" frequencies between 3.5 and
4.0 MHz.  Ship board guys could pretty much go anywhere.  This actually might
have been "legal" because of ITU region differences.  I don't know.  This was
in ''72 - '74.  

The real problem is that an "authorized" frequency can still be illegal.
 When I questioned that legality, I was told to shut up.

However, whenever I had the watch, any frequency request between 3.5 and 4.0
always had some QRM on it and therefore couldn't be used.  I got caught a
couple of times by my supervisor who asked what the hell I was doing.  He
couldn't hear any QRM from his site.  I just told him he had no ears.... hi.
 It was fun having a field of rhombics to play with.

73,  Al

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