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K4OJ at aol.com K4OJ at aol.com
Sun Oct 5 12:51:13 EDT 1997

....an oldie but goodie....

sveral years ago I found that I had good success with sittinginthechair
toofrigginmuch syndrome by doing the following......

If it Sunday AM and you are running 'em - but you are still really wishing
you could be taking a walk.....stand up! (the RGG line)

I found that I had a caredboard carton which a mailbox had come in was about
the same size as the computer keyboard.....I set it on the desktop and the
keyboard on top of it - and operated fot a while standing up - it was great.
When you are running you are doing very little touching of anything other
than the keyboard.....lock up the VFO, and the only thing you occasionally
have to reach for is the RIT.  The box has long since disappeard....now I am
on a mission thanks to your post to try and find a similar support for the
keyboard before "the season".

This is porbably even easier on ssb than CW....do you guys use narrow filters
for "the phone"?


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