[CQ-Contest] VK/ZL Rules

Martin Ellis jmellis at ihug.co.nz
Thu Oct 9 22:20:05 EDT 1997

fcady at ee.montana.edu wrote:
> Can somebody tell me if the VK/ZL multi-operator class is M/M or M/S?
> Also, is there a single band category?  Fred KE7X

The VK-ZL Oceania Contest has categories for
	Single Operator all band,
	Multi-operator (single transmitter) all band.
Contestants may of course choose to operate on only one band
but there is no separate category for this.

Dates in 1997 are:
Phone	October 4-5, 1000 UTC Saturday to 1000 UTC Sunday.
CW	October 11-12, 1000 UTC Saturday to 1000 UTC Sunday.

The rules may be read at:

Martin ZL1ANJ

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