[CQ-Contest] CQP 20m Propagation to EU

Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM Ken.Silverman at zool.AirTouch.COM
Fri Oct 10 15:01:47 EDT 1997

Ken Silverman at AIRTOUCH
10/10/97 02:01 PM

During the N6O CQP operation (at N6RO QTH), we had a number of European
stations say that there were large pileups of Europeans (and others)
calling us on 20m (and 15m), but we heard nothing at N6O!  In fact, I
called K1DG on the phone to confirm this, and sure enough, I heard strong
EU stations calling us on K1DG's radio, but there was just receiver hiss on
our side.

Are there any EU stations that tried calling N6O during the CQP that
couldn't make a QSO with us?  If so, please let us know! (and please let us
know your station equipment)

We are trying to see if this was one-way propagation, or if there is some
other situation (low EU TX power, or RX problem at N6O).

Thanks for  your help!

Kenny K2KW

op at N6O in CQP

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