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Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Fri Oct 10 19:30:31 EDT 1997

At 02:01 PM 10/10/97 -0700, you wrote:

>We are trying to see if this was one-way propagation, or if there is some
>other situation (low EU TX power, or RX problem at N6O).

Kenny and other CQP enthusiasts.

I believe the biggest contributor to our receiving problems during CQP was
the power line noises.  The power company did a high pressure wash of
dozens of poles within a half mile of the station on Friday, and by Friday
PM, there were just two weak noises audible on any band.

Just before the start of CQP, I listened on 15m and two of the prime noises
to the northeast had started again, but not too bad - S5 with the AM
detector.  By Sunday AM, the wind and dry conditions had most of the noise
sources back up to S9 (AM) on 15/20, probably S5 on SSB and S2 on CW with
the appropriate narrower filters.  These noise levels are enough to obscure
several layers of signals, some of which we could hope to hear without the
line noise.  The noise was audible on 40 but not a serious problem - all
other bands were affected.

BTW on Monday, with the 40 mph winds, it was 20 over 9 in most directions
on ALL bands!  That would have ruined CQP for us.  So, let's count our
blessings.  On Tuesday, an RFI expert from PGE and I spent several hours
with his RFI RX and a hand-held antenna, and we pin-pointed TEN different
sources of noise (various hardware problems and insulators) from west thru
north around to SE, most within 2000' of the station.  The company has
committed to fix these problems as resources allow, starting with the
closest sources.  The rain last night quieted things down, but by this
afternoon five sources are again buzzing.  At least we have hopes of
quieter days ahead, let's see.

Thanks to all that we did hear over the noise, maybe we'll do better next
year!  73, Ken

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