[CQ-Contest] Low Power Results

Allan Cameron, N7UJJ acameron at hayden.edu
Fri Oct 10 20:49:03 EDT 1997

At 09:27 10/10/97 -0700, Dan Weisenburger wrote:
>Hello Fellow Low Power Types.
>...  CQ does a
>great job of listing of listing us 'po boys and girls in the Low Power
>catagory and we can readily see how we fared in the 'test.
>QST, on the other hand has box scores for the leaders of the High Power
>group but the rest of us have to pour over the main results section

Would it not be an easy thing for the varois contests to post the
results in a tabular form on their websites after their magazine is
published?  Then those of us who are interested can drop the reults
into a spreadsheet or other such program and sort by state, power,
continent or whatever.  I am a low power station with a couple of
dipoles and it would be kind of cool to see where I would rank
nationaly in a contest.  (I'd be thrilled to be in the upper 50%) Just
think of all the graphs and charts we can make when the bands are

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