[CQ-Contest] Amplifier For Contest Use

Rick Davenport rickday at IDT.NET
Sun Oct 12 16:13:25 EDT 1997

Hi gang,

    Depending on the mode, I have different amplifiers of choice. For RTTY
and CW  I prefer the AL-1200, it gets hot, and I have build an exhaust hood
that hangs from the ceiling over the amp, with a length of dryer vent hose
and several muffin fans at the far end, sucks the hot air right of the
shack. Last year during the WW RTTY contest I did not have the hood and
temeratures in the shack reached 100 degrees easily, this year with the hood
it remained in the low 80's. This Amp will give you 48 hours of continuous
legal limit, and is real easy to change bands with.

    For SSB contests it's a toss up between Amp Supply LK-780 and Alpha
76CA, both seem to provide real good peak output.

73  Rick/KI1G

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