[CQ-Contest] RTTY sprINT results

Barry Kutner w2up at itw.com
Mon Oct 13 00:05:34 EDT 1997

Results - 1997 RTTY sprINT

W2UP     90
AA5AU    87
K1AM     85
K0FG     69
KK5OQ    66
WB5B     63*
K3MM     63
VE6RAJ   56
W4LC     55*
W7RSJ    51
W9ILY    50
K2PS     49
W8HVX    48
WF1B     48
W1EM     47*
NO2T     46
N3IXR    46
K3PP     40
K1NU     38
W4WS     37
IK0HBN   36*
K7MK     35
KD8FS    35
KC8GGV   33
K0BX     30
WB0IKT   29
K2YG     25
NH6XM    23
VE3IAY   21
W9OL     21
W2JGR    18
KP3A     16
N8YYS    13
K3RON    12*

* = no deductions from log

Comments - I won't repeat anyone's soapbox, as they have already been 
posted to the RTTY reflector. So, I'll just throw in my comments. 
First the adminsitrative stuff:  There was a nice turnout of 
stations.  There were a total of 61 different calls in everyone's 
logs. Only 2 were non-busted-call uniques.  34 logs were submitted. 
Congrats to Sante, IK0HBN for being the sole DX entry (not including 
KP3 and KH6) and being up at that crazy hour of the morning  (5 AM) 
for the sprINT :.)
Considering the number of first-time sprinters, the QSY rule seemed 
to be adhered to pretty well. One thing that can use a little help is 
the format of the exchange. Jeff, K1AM, posted an excellent template 
to use, which I will save and include with next year's rules 
announcement. Ideally the QSOs should come in pairs, and ending your 
QSO with a verbose "QSL TU QSO I WILL QSY NOW" or something like that 
is just too long for another station to come along and throw his call 
in once or twice.
There were also suggestions about doing 80/40m instead of 40/20m in 
the future.  I'd like to hear from some of the west coast guys about 
their opinion of 80m, and whether 0100-0300Z is too early to make 
good use of the band.
73 Barry
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