[CQ-Contest] I Wannawin, Please Work Me

Bill Aycock baycock at HiWAAY.net
Sun Oct 12 23:04:47 EDT 1997

Richard- This is a great posting- but--- (always a 'but')-

What call will you be using?

At 03:15 PM 10/12/97 EDT, you wrote:
>CQ WW Phone DX Contest Announcement:
>This year, as has been the custom for the past dozen years, a group of
>us from the Southern Claifornia Contest Club will be operating
>multi-multi in the CQ WW Phone DX Contest. Participants are expected
>to be N6AA, N6TW, N6ZZ, W6MKB, W6XD, and AB6BH, some of whom may even
>drop out after reading this.
>We will be signing our callsign periodically, *** SNIP***

again- what call ?

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