[CQ-Contest] 830, 850 and now the 870??

markwt3k at juno.com markwt3k at juno.com
Mon Oct 13 10:11:51 EDT 1997

After reviewing old posts to this reflector, it  would appear that the
Kenwood  830 and the 850 radios are/were well liked radios by the
contesting fraternity. Maybe not the best radios out there, but certainly
a lot of "bang for the buck." 

The prices for new and used Kenwood 870s seem to be getting lower and
lower. Years from now, will the 870 be as well liked (keep the bang for
the buck in mind) as the 830s and 850s? 

I understand that when the 870 was first released it had it share of
bugs, but wasn't the same true for the 850? So for discussion, consider
the higher serial number 870s.

Mark WT3K

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