[CQ-Contest] Email Log Confirmations

Jan Almedal janalme at online.no
Tue Oct 14 21:08:34 EDT 1997

I am in the process of receiving e-mail logs at the moment for the
Scandinavian Activity Contest.

At 07:55 14.10.97 -0700, you wrote:
>> I suggest that the log-keepers post either by web page or by reflector a
>> list of all from whom they have received email logs.

I confirm every received log with a return mail. I do not only confirm the
reception of the mail, but also that the log really is readable (not all
are, and then I tell them!). In this way everyone gets a confirmation, and
I am assured that the log comes from a valid e-mail address.

>I think web pages would be the best.  Similarly, 3830 at contesting.com
>would be an excellent place to post periodic messages that say "We
>have the following logs in hand thus far: ...]"  

As soon as the deadline is out (November 1st), I will post a 'Raw Scores'
list (all received logs) on my web site (should I also post it to 3830?).
Not a 'High Claimed Score' list. The difference will be that on the 'Raw
Scores' I have recalculated the scores according to the rules (not everyone
knows the rules it seems....).

73 de
Jan / LA9HW

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