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Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Wed Oct 15 00:53:03 EDT 1997

On Tuesday, October 14, 1997 18:59 PM, jack.sippel at nellcorpb.com wrote:
>I just completed the log sheet for my first ever contest - the FISTS 
>Fall Sprint.  After my nerves quieted down I really had a blast.  My 
>question is this:  What is expected for sending out QSL cards after a 

This is a favorite subject of mine (I am a QSL manager).  

1.  If you want someone's card, send your card with an SASE
(self-addressed, stamped envelope) for him to return his card to you.

2.  If you want to send someone your QSL because you said you would on
the air, then feel free to send him either the stamped QSL, the QSL in
an envelope, or the QSL with an SASE; your choice.

It is courteous and proper to include an SASE whenever you want
someone's card.

Finally, when working any club station or special event station, you
can be really magnanimous (and spoken highly of by the QSL manager) by
not only including your QSL and SASE, but throwing in a stamp or two.
That's always helpful and appreciated by the near-destitute
clubs/special event stations--not all are funded by their
sponsors. Besides, it makes up for the ...er...those who don't send

Other hints: 

Use a good ballpoint pen.

Print clearly

Use UTC time

Sign your name clearly/legibly (I can't tell you how many QSL's I have
answered with "OM" instead of their name, simply because I could not
read their written name--and their card was a club station card with
no operator names listed.
Put your callsign on the same side of the card as the QSO information

That's all that come to mind.  I'm sure others can provide more.

And, yes!! Send in your logs.  It doesn't matter how low your score
it, send them in. Just before the contest a year from now, you will be
able to look at the score you made and think "I can beat that."

Have fun!


Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

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