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<< Is it even worth driving up there with a receiver to see what I hear,
 or should we just look elsewhere?  Aside from those wires, which are
 to the southwest of the house, this place was a dream come true.  I
 know the jury is officially still out on the health risks associated
 with being near these things, but are there any experts here on that
 topic?  Even if it isn't a health risk and even if there were no power
 line noise (is that even possible?) could the lines become noisier in
 later years?  >>

Those high tension power lines could be a problem. All depends on their
condition and willingness of local power company service people to help. The
worst time is when WX is dry, this is when problems show up. Few days after
soaking rains lines would be quiet.
In my case, when living in Scarborough (Toronto) I was about 850 ft south of
5 lines of High Voltage Hell, wires running NE - SW. 90% of the time I had
power line noise coming from second pole from my QTH while beaming NE, giving
me 20dB over 9 frying noise. Asking power company (Ontario Hydro) didn't do
much good. Frying hell propagates over the wires and when there are more
sources, it gets even more fun. 
So I had to get inventive with noise supression and cancelling techniques,
including using multiple antennas (on 46x120 ft lot!)
80% of my contest operating was while that noise was on and I estimate
handicapped my scores by at least 20%. Before contest I would pray for rain,
one contest CQ WPX CW on 15 I had absolutely no noise and that netted world
record that sat there for while (my best contest ever -- no noise). Now I am
looking for contest place where I would not be able to see the HV power lines
with binoculars!!
So I think it boils down to quality of installation and ability of power
company to help to cure the problem. They have infrared and other equipment
now, but it is the people who use it and are willing to help.
Good luck!

Yuri, K3BU, VE3BMV

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