[CQ-Contest] Contest QSLing/Log Submissions

Bruce Sawyer N6NT at worldnet.att.net
Wed Oct 15 09:23:05 EDT 1997

In the ongoing stream of postings relating to the initial query about
submitting a log for the FISTS CW Sprint, I think I see a fairly
consistent theme regarding log submission.  All of the people who have
replied have strongly encouraged submitting a log, no matter how low the
score, and some of those postings have even implied that doing so was a
manner of duty and obligation.  Stating things this strongly can really
work against us.  We all know that good contest scores come from working
casuals; the number of people "not in the contest" you work is the
difference between winning and losing in just about every contest I
know.  IF we tell those people they "owe" us a log when they work
somebody in a contest, guess what?  They may just keep on tuning instead
of calling.  This time of year there is some sort of contest on
practically every weekend.  I routinely answer contest CQ's I hear when
I'm scanning the band, particularly if it looks like the operator knows
what he's doing so that it isn't going to be a big fumble to make the
contact.  In no way do I intend to submit logs for all of those
contests.  I think we're doing ourselves a real disservice making such
strong statements about obligations to submit a log.

In the area of contest QSLing, there is one thing I would like to add to
all the comments that have already been made.  That is PLEASE DO NOT
BLANKET QSL!!!  If you look at this whole business of QSLing, there are
two ways you deal with QSL cards:  you initiate, or you respond. 
Initiating is far, far easier than responding.  Even though it costs a
few bucks, it's not a big deal to have your computer spit out a label
for everybody you work in a contest and then ship the lot off to the
bureau.  After that, you never have to look at any QSL requests.  But in
so doing you have shifted the burden onto the responder, who then has to
deal with your card when he gets it.  If nothing else, he has to pay the
postage to get your card from the bureau.  Then it takes time, and maybe
more money,  to deal with it.  MOST of these guys who blanket QSL never
take care to put some kind of message on the card that says "I don't
need your return QSL".  Some of them let CT (or whatever) put "PSE QSL"
on all the labels, no matter what.  I have learned some of the people
who blanket QSL like this, and they are the ones I never call unless I
am really serious about the contest and am willing to pay the price of
dealing with their QSL in return for the contest points.  I don't object
to sending back QSL's to people who need it and want it, but it is
surely irritating to have to deal with the volume I get from the blanket
QSLers who are just trying to save themselves work.

Bruce, N6NT

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