[CQ-Contest] contest QSL ettiquette

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Thu Oct 16 01:47:35 EDT 1997

> jack.sippel at nellcorpb.com wrote:

> >Do I still need to send in log sheets even
> > if I'm sure I'm not going to score high enough to place (it seems 
>like I
> > would be adding work to an already overworked volunteer).
> >
> > Thanks for your thoughts....73 de KU0KU, Jack Sippel

 You bet you want to send in your logs.  Back in the 70's I dis a SS and 
only ended up with about 450 Q's.  I messed around and didn't send in the 
log, and a friend here in town won our division with about 100 Q's less 
than I had.  Also about 4 or 5 years ago, I did a 160 contest and had 124 
Q's and didn't get the log sent in cause I didn't think that would be 
enough.  It was!!!  I would have won for Oregon.  You never know!!! 
Welcome to contesting and hope to work you many times this season.

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